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Hope is a powerful theme in tattooing because it is one of the few art forms that people can wear and carry with them wherever we are.

A lot of people choose the simplicity of the word itself when they decide they need to take a bit of hope with them wherever they go, but hope tattoo ideas often move beyond simple fonts and add iconography and symbols often rooted in beliefs.

There are a number of different graphic icons associated with hope: doves, crucifixes and mythological symbols are often added to the word.

Anchors and the mathematical symbol of infinity are also powerful visuals to incorporate into designs. Being safely anchored is an expression of hope and safety, while the infinity symbol speaks to progress and the idea that ‘this too shall pass’.

The 8-pointed star, representative of a compass guiding you through life, is also a powerful symbol of hope that translates well into inked art work.

Spend a bit of time looking at an online tattoo gallery to see the creative ways that people have interpreted the word and brought it to life, then use that as inspiration to build a piece that represents hope to you.

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