Hip Tattoo Ideas

Hip tattoos are among the most seductive and erotic placements, but also potentially the most painful as your artist is going to be inking an area that is packed with nerve endings and has very little padding over the bone. As a result, most great hip tattoo ideas focus on smaller, less-detailed pieces that can be finished relatively quickly to spare the brave soul from sitting through any unnecessary pain.

The same is true of side hip tattoos: hearts, icons or font are often popular choices. This is well-suited to the type of personality who considers tattoos on their hip, or hip bone tattoos. This is one of the most private and personal placements because it will only be revealed when you’re in your underwear or a bathing suit.

Pick a design that is special to you alone. Many people dedicate this special spot to a lover, but should things go awry, you could be left with a lot of explaining to do to future love interests. Choose something small and special and be sure to avoid tight pants or jeans that may chafe the piece while it’s still healing.

The hip tattoo remains a firm favorite, so have fun finding yours!

61 Seductive Hip Tattoo Ideas and Designs
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