Head Tattoo Ideas

One of the most painful areas of the body to have tattooed is the head. There really isn’t anything between the skull and skin to dull the pain at all. You have to remain 100% still when getting head tattoos since causing the artist to go too deep from your movement can leave you with an injury or infection.

Most head tattoos are kept hidden under hair, hats, or other headgear. Common themes are tribal or geometric designs, just as adornment to the head. Some people prefer to tattoo as much of their body as possible, including their entire head. It is important that the same artist work on every single one of your head tattoos so that style, design and technique are all the same.

You must be careful during the healing process after getting head tattoos. This area must be kept clean at all times to prevent infection. It is best to pick a head tattoo design that can be completed in a single sitting so that the area does not have to be aggravated again later. Look through some of these examples to see what types of designs work best on the head, including the temple area.

119 Incredible Head Tattoo Ideas
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