Hand Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos done specifically on the hand area of the body work well for identification purposes. People choose hand tattoos because they’re an area frequently exposed with no clothing.

Tattoos on the hands are especially popular with boxers, martial artists, and people involved with hand-to-hand combat because it requires a high tolerance for pain. The hands are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. So much so, that ordinary people “shy away” from the pain of a tattoo being attempted in this area.

You can discuss any hand tattoo designs you’ve created with your tattooist. Expert tattoo artists have lots of experience helping people find the right tattoo for them. They also usually have years of experience with artwork, imagery, and combining tattoo features, selected from more than one tattoo, to form a single design.

For example, you may like the smooth, blur like fading of sketch artwork combined with artwork that looks like a photograph. This is something you need to tell your tattooist, so you can come up with a design you’ll be happy with. Most tattooists are quick to understand tattoo explanations from customers trying to detail what they want.

63 Exotic Hand Tattoo Design Ideas
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