Half sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Half sleeves are the more economical version of full sleeve tattoos. A half sleeve requires a few sessions to complete, and if you choose to go with full color instead of black and white, and add shading, it takes longer as well.

Half sleeves are quite large, and look absolutely amazing when presented. Half sleeves are often created according to a single focus. Half sleeve tattoos depicting the love for motorcycles, women, gambling, or a specific sports team and logo wrapped in complimenting artwork, is commonplace.

No matter whether your half sleeve is done on the upper part of your arm, or the lower part of your arm, they always wind up looking decadent in appearance. Especially if you have an attractive, athletic physique, body art can accent those physical features to a GREAT degree! Lean, toned muscles will look hotter than ever!

The cost of a half sleeve tattoo can run between $400 — $1,200, depending on the tattoo artist you choose. The complexity of the sleeve has a lot to do with it too, as well as the reputation and quality of the shop you choose.

It should also be noted that sleeve tattoos aren’t for the “faint of heart”. They require multiple return visits to complete, as well as touch up work to rebrighten fading areas. When considering a tattoo sleeve, you should choose your tattoo wisely, because it will be with you the rest of your life.

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