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Choosing funny tattoo designs is a risky business. It suggests that you are a spontaneous person who isn’t scared to have a laugh. But how many times can you hear the same punchline to a joke before you start getting bored?

The key to a funny tattoo that doesn’t drive you crazy is to choose something tasteful and witty, or to go all out and get something completely outlandish. People with disabilities have a knack for getting great, funny tattoos – this is because they know how to laugh at themselves. These are often witty and personal, and seem innocent unless you know the person with the piece quite well.

The other option is to do something completely nuts, like the guy who got his McDonald’s bill tattooed on his forearm. The key here is to be sure that you can live with the piece forever. It’s obvious that a funny tattoo is going to be a good conversation starter, so make sure you’re ready to tell that story more than once. If you are – go for it. There’s nothing as good as making people laugh. Have fun and don’t take the world too seriously, it is just art after all.

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