Full body Tattoo Ideas

Whole body tattoos are certainly a sight to see. While not commonplace, there’s full body tattoos in circuses like Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey. Crowd favorites like the Lizard Man, and the Blue Man Team are real showstoppers! And then, of course, there’s full blown tattoo aficianados that go all out to make their bodies into works of art for all to see.

While 50 years ago, whole body tattoos would have been looked at as horrible monstrosities, now the public view on tattoos is much more accepted. If you mention you’ve got a tattoo to a stranger, you’ll rarely get any kind of fearful response. In fact, just the opposite. Tattoo art is now “all the rage” with young adults, due to the widely accepted public stance on body art in our modern day.

And with high-tech inks that absorb into the blood stream and fade away over time, the fear involved with getting a tattoo is a thing of the past! Old time tattoos are history, and we’re moving into the generation of temporary tattoos using real ink and real needlework! And believe it or not, temporary tattoos actually come out looking BETTER than permanent tattoos of the past!

48 Astonishing Whole-body Tattoo Ideas
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