Front Tattoo Ideas

Placing tattoos on front of body locations should be done with care. The front of your body is seen more than the back, so the subject matter you choose may come into play. Although it is your body and you can put tattooed art wherever you’d like, someone else is likely to have an issue with it for their own personal reasons.

This should not stop you from displaying a memory or specific item on your body through art, regardless of the subject matter. Whether reactions are positive or negative, appreciate them all because it means that your body art caused someone else to stop and look.

Some frontal parts of the body, such as the chest, ribs, sternum and throat areas are difficult to tattoo. They are also quite painful areas to tattoo given the closeness of the skin to bones. The placement and composition of tattoos on front of body are critical as being half an inch at the wrong angle can change the entire aesthetic of the design.

Work closely with your artist when coming up with the concept and design. Browse online for tattoos on front of body ideas showing different placements. Viewing examples will also show you how pieces with facial features distort slightly as your body moves.

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