Forehead Tattoo Ideas

Forehead tattoos make people talk. Those with a forehead tattoo are often stigmatized and stereotyped as being bad people with rough pasts. That is not the case with every forehead tattoo. Many designs are quite tasteful and match a person’s total body art theme. Remember that this is a tattoo that will be seen by everyone and is not easily hidden if having a clean appearance is ever a requirement for a job or special occasion.

It is important to know that getting your forehead tattooed is painful. It definitely hurts and you cannot move a muscle while the artist is working. If the pain becomes overwhelming, alert your artist and take a break. Once you have regrouped, go back in for a little more. It is ideal to schedule several sessions for a forehead tattoo given the pain associated with it and your ability to withstand the completion of the piece at once.

Look through the examples provided of forehead tattoos to see what types of designs benefit the face and which may cause a distraction. Pick a design that complements your body, rather than a distraction. While browsing through forehead tattoo pictures, pay close attention to the simplicity of most designs, to keep the pain at a minimum for the client.

11 Crazy Forehead Tattoo Designs
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