Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Forearm tattoos are a semi-exposed area of the body that work well as “conversation pieces”. They’re easily covered by clothing, and can be concealed in the event a workplace doesn’t approve of tattoos.

A 2006 survey reveals that 15% of Americans have at least one tattoo. And with over 20,000 tattoo shops in service across the US, there’s no shortage of tattoo availability. The tattoo industry takes in a whopping $1.65 billion dollars annually, and is growing bigger every year thanks to new advancements in time-fading ink. People who don’t want permanent tattoos now have an option that allows their skin to return to normal.

Forearm tattoos are mostly a man thing, and you hardly ever see a woman with a forearm tattoo. The classic tattoo of an anchor and the words MOM are a classic NAVY symbol, made famous in the 60’s. And you guessed it, this is a tattoo design almost always found on the forearm.

The actual history of tattoos goes back thousands of years. In early Polynesia, tattoo spikes and plant based ink was a part of tribal ceremonies, and tattoos were an accepted part of Polynesian society as a right of passage.

444 Eye-catching Forearm Tattoo Ideas
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