Flowers & Nature Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos have a rich history of facilitating unique works of art, and tattoos are one of the many outlets available for talented artists. The tattoo industry is alive and well, and provides a fulfilling career option for artists. A talented tattooist can make $150 dollars an hour, easy! Professional tattoo artists, and artists from all walks of life, help make our world more colorful, vibrant, and exciting to live in.

Some really killer flower tattoo ideas include black roses accented with a completely white gloss background. Another is a field of tulips accented by green grass and rolling hills. And don’t forget! New, naturally fading ink technology makes it so tattoos never have to be permanent again. 6 months from now, the non-toxic ink will have completely absorbed into your bloodstream with no trace you ever had a tattoo in the first place!

And when combined with the natural creativity that most tattoo professionals possess, it can provide a true-blue benefit to whoever is lucky enough to wear the tattoo itself. Get-togethers, family picnics, concerts, making new friends, dating, and more can all be improved upon through by the beautiful body art we call “tattoos”.

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