Finger Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos on fingers are not nearly as common as other areas of the body, but they’re one of the most interesting places you can get a tattoo. Why? Because the fingers are an area always displayed without clothing, so rings and other jewelry create a beautiful compliment to the tattoo itself.

In fact, many men and women into tattoos often use clothing and jewelry to help display the artwork. The combination of tattoos and apparel create beautiful art scenes, and the better you get at knowing how to use clothing to accent your tattoos, the more fun it becomes.

For example, a series of small, red, tribal designs can accent costume jewelry like feathers and bright metal wonderfully. And the fingers are the perfect area to display small designs of easily identifiable objects. A face of a wolf, the face of a bear, astrology signs, and symbols like Yin-Yang and and the American flag are a few of these.

One important thing to remember about finger tattoos is they require frequent touch up work. The near 24/7 exposure to the elements, frequent wear through everyday work and play, and the simple fact of how incredibly often hands get used in a day, has an extreme effect on wearing tattoos down.

73 Lovely Finger Tattoo Ideas
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