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From evil tattoos to fantasy tattoos, the world of folklore, magic, and literature is an ideal inspiration for mysterious pieces. Fantasy is a broad field, which is great if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind design.

Fairies, pixies, and elves are a part of the stories we hear as children and are popular pieces for tattoos with a mischievous edge. They are also well-suited to scaled designs — a tiny pixie on your ankle can be just as striking as an elven maiden portrait on your forearm.

Fantasy tattoos also use the world of wizards and magic for inspiration. Famous wizards such as Gandalf and Merlin are popular with those who love spells and magic. Look for inspiration in classic literature and games. Mythical creatures such as gryphons, unicorns, and centaurs are another way to express your love and appreciation for the fantastical.

Built on the battle between good and evil, fantasy allows you to explore your good side and the looming elements of evil in your artwork — have fun!

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