Face Tattoo Ideas

Facial tattoos are some of the most commented on and most distracting locations to be tattooed. Society tends to disapprove of face tattoos, whether they are tasteful or not. The skin on your face is a little stronger, meaning that you might notice a little bruising after the artist is finished. It typically goes down within a day or two. It is vital that you keep any face tattoo clean and sanitized to prevent infection.

Choose your face tattoo designs carefully. You want something that is going to add to your overall tattoo theme, personality or hides a scar.

Tattoos on face areas that incorporate vulgar language or other politically incorrect themes may get you a bit of criticism. Accept the criticism and remember that you have freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Your body can be used to display your speech.

View the available face tattoos pictured here to get an idea of the creativity that clients have. Artists take a basic idea and interpret into a design that works for the area of the face the client wants to have adorned with art. It is a good location to choose a design that includes shading and depth given that there are typically no hard bones to work directly on.

27 Incredible Face Tattoo Designs
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