Elbow Tattoo Ideas

Circular tattoos are especially popular when it comes to elbows. The circular shape forms a complete circle, with the elbow “jut” in the middle. The sharp, “jutting” angle the elbow creates when your arm is bent, allows for specific shapes and designs to fit perfectly.

Elbows are also notorious for being EXTREMELY painful! Usually, the elbow area is reserved for hardcore tattoo enthusiasts who have very high pain thresholds. Also, the elbows work well for small tattoos of singular objects, such as a stand-alone birdcage with a small design, a small spider and web, or other small objects that can easily be identified in a small size.

Elbow tattoos can be applied in combination with tattoos in other areas of the body. Such as representing the answer to a question, or the key to a puzzle. For example, a tattoo of a magician displaying a deck of cards adorned with question marks on the front, can be followed up with a tattoo on the elbow detailing the identity of the cards. Such as an elbow tattoo design displaying the Ace of Spades, The 8 Of Hearts, The Jack of Diamonds, The 7 of Clubs, and The 2 Of Hearts.

If you’re new to tattoos, complex designs can take weeks or months to complete. And you should know, that cheap tattoos done for a few bucks aren’t going to have much “staying power”. They’ll fade and need touch up work fast. So the more you invest in your original tattoo, the better your results will be, and the more “staying power” it will have.

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