Ear Tattoo Ideas

Ear tattoos should be kept simple. This is perhaps the most sensitive area of the body to be tattooed. It is a small, hard area to work on, as the skin moving over cartilage is a challenge for your artist. You have to sit absolutely still without moving.

If you prefer, you could elect to move your tattoo idea to behind the ear. You can look through the provided pictures to get behind the ear tattoo ideas. These tattoos should be kept small and simple. Simple things like Chinese symbols, cherries, music symbols, and semi-colons are ideal for this location. They are also quick to tattoo so your time in the chair will be less.

It is difficult to transfer drawn images on flat paper to such a rounded area of the body as the ear. The contour of the design may change slightly as it is bent to fit your ear as the artist applies the stencil. Look through some of these examples to see what types of lines, structures, and details show well for ear tattoos before making a concrete decision. Your initial idea may not fit your chosen location well, so having a few options for your ear or behind the ear is ideal.

35 Small Ear Tattoo Designs
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