Daughter Tattoo Ideas

18 Designs

Whether your daughter is alive or has passed on, getting a tattoo just for her will keep her your little girl forever. If she is young when you get the tattoo, tell her the story about why you got tattoos for your daughter when she’s a little older. It can help strengthen the bond between a father and daughter to know the story behind your body art.

Daughter tattoos should be slightly feminine, so dads don’t be too proud to show it off. You can choose something common like her hand and footprints or perhaps a great portrait. You could also think outside the box and get a tattoo that resembles her personality or includes things she really loves.

Some other daughter tattoo ideas are a teddy bear with her name written in pink, a pink Cadillac with her name on the license plate or maybe a pretty pink unicorn with her face shadowed in the background.

If you are a daughter getting tattooed for your father or mother, a portrait or something they were known for or loved would be ideal. We have provided a few daughter tattoo ideas here for you to look through. If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to display it, you may find an answer in one of these designs.

26 Best Tattoo Ideas for your Daughter
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