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Cute tattoos are a great option for women that want something feminine and references their personality. Some of the things that fall into the cute category are flowers, cherries, butterflies, fairies, and animals. Cartoons can also be cute tattoo ideas.

Some cute tattoos for girls are cartoon characters with innocent faces or fairies spreading pixie dust over a field of flowers, to throw out a couple of ideas. You could also use paw prints from your own pets or tracings of your children’s hands or feet and those would be considered cute tattoos.

Memorials for moms, sisters and female friends are a good opportunity to have something cute designed. A sad puppy dog or a young child looking up at the sky are symbolic representations of suffering a great loss, but can be portrayed in a cute manner to keep the overall design feminine.

Look through the cute small tattoos for girls that we have compiled here to get a few ideas. You may like a single element from multiple design ideas. Print all of your ideas and take them to your tattoo design session. Explain to your artist what parts of each design you’d like incorporated into your own.

393 Cute Tattoo Ideas for Girls
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