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Creative tattoos can easily become conversation pieces. Most creative tattoos are derived from a client providing details to an artist and the artist drawing out his or her perception of the idea. The benefit here is that there really are no limits when it comes to creativity in tattoos.

Consider taking an idea and working with your tattoo artist to make it an abstract version of a photo or idea. Creative tattoo ideas like this help your artist show their true potential. Creative projects are much more fun than by-the-book traditional pieces. You can also use this opportunity to add in 3D elements, change colors, or change the entire profile of a character to portray the scene you have in mind the way you want.

Tell your artist what your idea is, and a little bit about yourself so he or she can draw you the most amazing, custom tattoo that checks all of the boxes on your list.

Look through these creative tattoo ideas to see how far the imagination is stretched with some artists. Instead of putting text on your body, you may use symbolism instead. Some of the most creative tattoos have used this concept and it really makes people think about what the art on your body really means.

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