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Tattoos for couples in love are an expression of their strong connection. Some couples like to incorporate imagery that explains how they met or where they met into their designs. These are good couple tattoo ideas that can easily be added to as the relationship progresses.

Some love tattoo for couples are separate pieces with the same design. In other cases, couples wish to display their tattoos as if they are connected as one piece when they are next to each other. Designs that are intended to look like they’re connected have to be designed carefully and placed on the body through exact measurements to ensure symmetry.

A unique idea is to create a design that intertwines as a main concept but including an element from him in her tattoo and vice versa. This shows the strong dedication and strong bond that the couple has. You could use the same concept if you are in a same-sex relationship too.

View some of the couples tattoo examples in our gallery here to get some ideas for you and your significant other. Some of these tattoo ideas may be what you and your partner are looking for. Of course, you can customize any design that you find to make it personal and relevant to your unique relationship.

55 Splendid Tattoo Ideas for Couples
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