Chest Tattoo Ideas

Men are more likely to get chest tattoos than women are. In some religions, the female chest is considered to be a “temple” of sorts and should not be defaced. A tattoo would be seen as defacing the chest. Simple tattoos over the heart area as memorials are typically forgiven given their significance in cases where religious affiliation comes into play.

Being tattooed over your sternum is painful. It is skin on bone, so it would be similar in pain scale to getting your neck, spine, or ribs tattooed. Tattoos on chest spaces leave a lot of options for design, size, and location. You can tattoo just one side of your chest, the whole thing, or just the sternum area.

Ask your artist for several drawings of your chest piece as some elements will shift as your body moves. You have to make sure that you have the right angle, right composition, and proper detail given to focal points. It may take several designs to get the right concept ready for application.

Browse the chest tattoo ideas provided here to see the different sizes, styles, and designs that clients have chosen. Look at how each piece is situated on the chest and pay attention to where the artist chose to accentuate detail for when that part of the chest moves.

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