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Arrows are the most common element in tattoos that mean change. Creating a design with arrows going in more than one direction, often represent changing multiple aspects of your life gradually. You could also be literal and use the power word direction with arrows above and below it going in opposite directions.

A triangular tattoo that is not connected can be used for tattoos meaning change. The top portion of the triangle should have an inner or outer duplicate of the broken angle to show direction, change, and progress. Each section of the triangle can be a different color if you wish. In the middle, you could also incorporate a timepiece or floral representation of change.

Consider implementing the Chakra symbol for acceptance of change as a part of your tattoo. If you are starting a new life and are making changes, incorporating this symbol into a lotus flower would have a powerful meaning.

The examples of tattoos that mean change here may be the right way for you to display your interpretation of change in a beautiful tattoo. Using symbols, like the Chakra symbol, can be done in small scale to fit on the inside of the wrist or behind the ear.

36 Tattoo Ideas that Mean Change
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