Calf Tattoo Ideas

Your calf is a great piece of canvas for your tattoo artist to express their creativity. The skin is normally in fairly good condition as it isn’t exposed to too much direct sunlight and there is a layer of muscle that doesn’t fade with time, making it the perfect placement.

As a result, calf tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and people are always on the lookout for great calf tattoo ideas. This unusual placement reflects a sense of eccentricity and bravery —you don’t see people with tattoos on a calf every day, although that might have something to do with the pain factor of this spot!

Another factor that you have to remember is that even cool calf tattoos are hidden from the owner’s view — it’s not an easy spot to look at. That means if you’re considering this placement you should think about a design or artwork that you don’t want to see every day, but rather, to catch a glimpse when you’re getting dressed or someone comes up to ask you what it means — which is probably going to happen a lot.

Getting a calf tattoo is a commitment to the art form that purists will praise you for.

94 Incredible Calf Tattoo Ideas
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