Butt Tattoo Ideas

The butt is one of the least commonly tattooed parts of the body. It is, however, one of the most common for “double dare” tattoo situations, pranks or prank punishments. Butt tattoos are difficult due to the healing process. You do have to sit a bit differently and wear different clothing while the tattoo heals.

Tattoos on butt areas are typically comically themed. It is a good way for you to display your true sense of humor without reservation.

The good thing about tattoos on butt cheek areas is that there is more fat, which does help in the pain department. The skin is still sensitive, but it is not skin on bone. Panoramic and dimensional designs work best on the buttocks as they are naturally round and have natural dimension for the artist to work with.

There are nerves that run through the buttock area, so it is ideal to place a tattoo more toward the center of a cheek rather than closer to the butt crack area. Scroll through some of the butt tattoos provided here as examples to see that placement is key to obtain the right effect. You may come across a design that would be perfect for your backside while browsing.

25 Hottest Butt Tattoo Ideas
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