Breast Tattoo Ideas

Under breast tattoo designs often use thinner, more intricate outlines. This pain is quite similar to being tattooed on the ribs since the areas are neighbors on the body. Survivors of breast cancer often have under boob tattoos to help cover up some of the scars. It helps restore their self-confidence and gives them a beautiful piece of art to look at every day.

It is important to remember that you cannot have any clothing rubbing against the skin under your breast. So, that means that women — you pretty much have to refrain from wearing a bra during the healing process.

Tattoos on tits and under them are painful. There may be a lot of fat there, but the skin is also sensitive. Flowers, animals and nature scenes — other than professions of love, are common tattoo ideas for the breast area.

The placement of your under breast tattoo is important as some of it may be concealed when your body is in positions restricting a direct sight line to the under-breast area. View some of the examples of breast and under breast tattoos to see how they look from different angles and what types of designs fit the space best.

31 Hottest Under Breast Tattoo Designs
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