Bicep Tattoo Ideas

Bicep tattoos are less frequently seen than other areas such as the forearm and shoulder blade. There’s a few simple reasons why tattoos aren’t generally found on the bicep.

  1. The Bicep Area Is Super Sensitive — Nearly EVERYONE is pain sensitive to tattoo needles, to a degree. And when you couple universal pain sensitivity with an area of the body that’s more sensitive than say, the upper arm shoulder area, most people shy away from it. The bicep is one of these sensitive areas.
  2. Biceps Are Often Concealed By Clothing — No matter what kind of shirt you’re wearing, it generally always covers the bicep. So “showing off” the tattoo becomes difficult.

There are now tattoo inks that feature glitter, glow in the dark, glossy shine, and more! For all the women out there, you would be amazed by how beautiful a temporary glow in the dark or glitter tattoo can make you look. And the best part is, advancements in technology have allowed ink developers to create semi-permanent inks with none of the hassle of permanent tattoos.

Be sure to ask your tattooist about any new technology available, as there’s many ways that tattoos have changed in recent years! New tattoo guns, high-tech inks, and award-winning designs from professional artists are being released all the time.

71 Manful Bicep Tattoo Ideas and Designs
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