Back Tattoo Ideas

Back pieces are beautiful, dynamic, and bold. They are also pieces that are likely to take several sittings, when full back tattoos are planned. The pain of getting tattoos on back locations varies. Areas closer to your ribs, spine, kidneys, and neck will be more sensitive. Take a break if the pain in the sensitive areas gets too intense.

Since the back has so much open space, it is a great place to put a full scene. You can get some back tattoo ideas that have foregrounds and backgrounds to tell a full story by viewing artist portfolios and browsing through examples online. The space available also helps the artist create body art with more dimension and depth. The artist can use multiple shading and highlighting techniques to accentuate specific elements to make them stand out more in the design.

Browse through these back tattoo designs to see just how many elements you can fit into one piece and how much detail can be added. It is a good idea to start with only the outline if you are planning a full back piece. That session alone could take several hours. Additional sessions would be needed to add color, add detail, and develop the story of the tattoo.

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