Armpit Tattoo Ideas

Armpits are an area of the body that’s almost always concealed from view. Armpits are an area included in full body tattoos, but aren’t very common by themselves. Armpits can also house tattoos with unique design ideas because of the shape. There’s no other area of the body that looks like the armpit, so expanding your horizons with tattoos to compliment the armpit “divot” is exciting!

Be sure to follow your tattooists instructions on how to come to your tattoo appointment prepared. Many first time tattoo recipients have made the mistake of not practicing their due diligence in preparation for their new tattoo.

A few steps to follow are:

  1. Stay Well Hydrated
  2. Apply Lotion Regularly
  3. Keep The Tattoo Area Clean Shaven
  4. Be Well Rested And Caught Up On Sleep
  5. Bring Drinks And A Lunch For Afterwards

There’s also a complete set of aftercare instructions you’ll need to follow so your new tattoo “sets” correctly. They reduce discomfort levels and help the area heal faster. There’s also aftermarket products to help treat your new tattoo area that your tattooist may know about, so be sure to ask.

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