Arm Tattoo Ideas

Arm tattoos are quite popular as most people enjoy showing off their body art. Since these are the most seen tattoos, it is a good idea to have something of significant importance placed there. The types of designs that you can put on your arm are endless as it is a smooth surface with ample surface area to tattoo.

You can choose to get tattoos on arm areas of the body that are full, half or quarter sleeves to really tell a story through a single piece. It is also an area that you can start a single theme on and add to later. It is important to start with a design that can adapt to having more elements added to it later.

The arm is one of the lease painful places of the body to have tattooed given the muscle and fat content surrounding your bones. Look at the arm tattoo ideas provided here to see how placing specific elements of a tattoo at a specific height or angle is important. Start with a general idea and talk to your artist about your idea. Ask your artist to be creative and give them specific elements to work into their design.

500+ Most Stylish Arm Tattoo Designs
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