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Animals are popular with people because we have a natural instinct to defend ourselves against them in the wilderness. The fact that the symmetrical patterns of their feathers, fur, and bodies are calming because they’re “natural”, makes them a great focus for tattoo art. It’s nearly always a “free pass” in the human psyche to mention animals, because they’ve always been a part of the world we live in. After all, people keep them as pets, so they’re rarely looked at with negativity or hatred.

Some of the coolest animal tattoo ideas we’ve ever seen combine multiple animals together, usually of the same design. Predators, such as bears, lions, and tigers, combined as one animal. Or herbivores (more loving animals), like rabbits, guinea pigs, and fish as one animal. Photographic artistry used for a combined animal design, looks great and plays a trick of stunned beauty on the eyes. It’s pretty amazing.

Also, the amount of talent a tattoo artist possesses has a lot to do with how well the tattoo turns out. Paying the “bargain bin” price in the tattoo world rarely ends well. In fact, if your serious about body art, and you want the best chance at impressing your friends instead of frightening them, go with the best tattooist you can find. Spend the extra money to get it done right! It’s well worth it!

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