Tattoos For Men

Mens tattoos designed specifically to represent masculinity, can be found below. There’s many different symbols and quotes created to cater to the interest of men specifically.

For example, the anchor symbol, along with the words MOM, is a classic military emblem, and one that was made popular for NAVY servicemen in the 60’s. Another example of tattoos for men is The Lion, adorned with barbed wire and blood dripping from the barbs.

Manly tattoos make great birthday and gift ideas, especially for people that want a lasting keepsake of an event that was truly special/meaningful to them. There have been many examples in history of men getting tattoos done after tests of courage. The tattoo itself represents the event, and the permanent nature of the tattoo ink provides a reminder whenever they happen to see it.

We’ve got lots of designs to choose from! You can make this the year you get a tattoo to represent yourself!

Best Ideas For Men

Best Designs For Men

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Meaningful Male Tattoo Ideas