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If there’s one thing that reminds people of the jungle, it’s the color green. But another closely linked jungle associate is, that’s right, tribal tattoo fonts! When you look at them, they always seem to be outgoing and primal, with a tooth-like sharpness. The font letters themselves generally have super thin trails coming off them, like something that could “cut into the wind”. And although we only have a limited number of tribal fonts at our site, there’s tons more you can find for free on the Internet.

Tribal fonts are designed to ignite our primal jungle instinct. And that makes sense, of course, because in the jungle there’s always lots of hand sharpened weaponry for self defense. And we’ve all heard the saying “It’s a jungle out there.”, and it is. And good tribe members are always prepared with razor sharp tools for doing battle in the jungle.

Simply load a tribal font into our tattoo font generator, and you’ll get a good look at what it will look like as a tattoo.