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The tattoo scene is popular in all kinds of hardcore venues. From the biker scene and Harley Davidson, to prison identifying marks and the street art graffiti scene, traditional tattoo font designs have been a popular part of our culture for many years. And although tattoos are surrounded by illegality and prejudice, they’re still a rock-solid part of the art world, and many modern day art pieces come from the hard work provided each year by tattoo artists worldwide.

The beauty of traditional tattoo font designs is the “less is more” viewpoint. Sure, complex tattoo fonts might catch the eye and excite the senses, but you can’t beat the classic lettering. Old school tattoo font designs are totally simple, but keep their value because of the many years they’ve been around. Someone will sometime see an Old School tattoo font and say, “Yea, I remember something happening that really was associated with that EXACT font right there!”

Our Old School tattoo font generator will give you an up close and personal look at how your tattoo will look in larger letter form. Using the font generator is easy. Simply input your text, choose a font design, and click Generate! That’s it! Your tattoo text will be displayed near the top of the page in all its glory. You can do this for any of the font types that we have listed. Old School fonts are just one of many types of fonts we have, and there’s many to choose from.

And many times, people are drawn to the tattoo scene because they “crave” the piercing of the needle and get a huge feeling of enjoyment from the rush. Some of the greatest examples of Old School tattoo font are the hand drawn variety, and ones created outside the pre-made font scene. Old school font designs, true to their name, have been around for many years.