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Latin used to be one of the most popular languages spoken, but has now reached official status as a “dead language”. Latin reached it’s prime during the reign of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, and most of the most well known “romance languages” have their basis in Vulgar Latin. These languages include Spanish (410 million speakers), Portuguese (250 million speakers), French (80 million speakers), Italian (60 million speakers), and Romanian (unknown number of speakers). And in tattoos, Latin is an especially popular text choice as a symbol of love and relationships.

Our Latin tattoo fonts generator will enlarge your text of choice in high-definition, so you can see exactly what it will look like as a tattoo. Try it, it’s free!

Latin, when combined with wood color paper, has a distinct look and feel that remind us of the days of Robin Hood and Nottingham Shire. In fact, Latin was a big part of those days. The earliest known surviving text of Robin Hood comes from the 15th century, and Latin was the most prominent language used during these years, both in print and spoken form. So it’s easy to understand the correlation.

Our Latin tattoo fonts work well, especially when combined with tattoo art. So load up our Latin tattoo font in our font generator to see it in super high definition size.