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Fonts like Hebrew can come in many different “weights”, which stands for the strength and thickness of the font itself. Modern Hebrew is the main language used for communication in Israel, where English is just a second language. You don’t see many Hebrew tattoos in America, but there are a FEW of them out there for sure. In Israel, Hebrew tattoos can be found pretty much everywhere. And we’ve got tons more tattoo fonts than just Hebrew! Our selection is pretty nice, so check it out!

As far as Hebrew tattoo fonts, we’ve got some you can try out in our online tattoo font generator. It’s quick and easy! Simply choose your Hebrew font by clicking on it, input some text, and click Generate! Your new tattoo text will appear perfectly clear and in a larger size! Tattoo size! From there, you can see what it will look like in an actual tattoo. Tattoos done in Hebrew text are usually a testament to someones Israeli background or cultural decent.