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If graffiti fonts are one of your interests, no problem! We’ve got graffiti fonts you can load into our graffiti font generator so you can see what it would look like as a tattoo. Graffiti fonts are most often recognized as symbols of urban decay and the highly active fight that artists “take to the street” against it! In inner city environments, graffiti is performed illegally in an effort to liven up areas that would otherwise be lifeless and dead.

With our graffiti font creator, you can join in the fun of graffiti art! There are many different graffiti fonts out there, and although we only carry a limited range to sample, it can give you a good idea of what they’ll look like in a tattoo. How many examples of graffiti art have you ever seen? There are many inner city walls proudly displaying artwork from various independent artists, known as “taggers”.

Our online graffiti letters font creator can assist you in selecting the perfect tattoo. Taggers get addicted to the rush of illegal graffiti by pitting their body and soul against the socio-economic struggles of inner city life. In the city, crime runs rampant, and if the neighborhood is bad enough, graffiti serves as a publicly visible cry for help and support. Graffiti takes a long time to remove from public places, and costs cities millions of dollars in manpower each year.

Graffiti is a crime, and punishable by law, but things can get so bad in the city that even talented artists stop caring about legality. They decide to use their artistic talent to serve a purpose, even if it’s illegal. See if one of our available graffiti font styles catches your interest and ignites your passion for tattoo art! Graffiti fonts are characterized by rounded, thick lettering that looks like it’s jumping off the page at you. So if a graffiti tattoo font is what you want, take a look at what we’ve got. We’ve even got graffiti numbers font selections too.