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Gangsters and tattoos are known to be closely associated to each other. Most gang members get tattoos for identification purposes, and to ensure that when they’re hanging out together, that there aren’t any rival gang members infiltrating their “cliche”. Our gangster tattoo font generator can make quick work of browsing our available gangster tattoo fonts. With just a few clicks, you can see exactly what your tattoo will look like.

Gangster fonts are easily recognized by the block-like lettering and whip-sharp accents. Gangster fonts are designed to instill a feeling of manhood, confrontation, and supremacy. The thick text of the lettering, combined with curved, sharp, or cursive edges detail manhood, street life, and gang loyalty.

Gangster writing fonts aren’t designed to be used in “everyday” tattoos. Gangster letter fonts are reserved for members of actual gangs, so they can "flash“ the tattoo at rival gangs, as well as recognize ally gang members. When the great majority of people see real gangster tattoo fonts, they immediately recognize it as a symbol for gang relations with the person “wearing” the tattoo.

Some of the most famous gangs in history use gangster tattoo fonts as part of their tattoo hierarchy. From the Bloods and Crips of Los Angeles to the Gangsters Disciples, gangster tattoo fonts reign supreme as the most widely used identification method known. 9 times out of 10, no matter what kind of tattoo a gang member has, it’s almost always accompanied by text from one of the universally recognized gangster tattoo fonts.