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Chinese style font is quite different than English style font. If you take a look at the design of the artwork used to create the font, you’ll see that they generally have a few things in common. It’s almost always reminiscent of the ancient far east, with customary markings like dots, and wind-like letters that seem like they might fly away in the breeze. You may also see Asian style font mentioned in reference to food, as Asian cuisine is a popular item no matter where in the world you are.

Asia is world famous for their impeccable work ethic and unshakable determination. From this mindset, Asian styles of discipline and moral code were developed. Along with it, Chinese style font was created to spark people’s interest in The East. Our tattoo font generator can help add some Asian accent to your next tattoo, and is a popular font type with people of Eastern descent. Asian style font looks absolutely exotic, and if done right, the text looks like a work of art in itself! White tigers, goldfish, and the classic “Single Dot” are frequently seen additions in Chinese style font tattoos.