Wolf Tattoo Designs

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Need a design that declares the significance of unity and true family relationship? The Wolf fits perfectly, because it stays with the pack forever, no matter what happens.

Need a symbol that inspires your inner powerful warrior? Wolf tattoo is the best choice. It symbolizes intelligence, strength and nobility of a real leader.

Need a transformation in your life? The Wolf always has been a symbol of new life, transformation, clarity and wisdom.

Need a mighty guardian? The other meaning of the Wolf Tattoo design is protection and guardianship.

The Wolf is a good fit not only for men, but for women too. It stands for primal power, leadership and strength, and also for Family and the Feminine Divine. Wolf would die for its pack safety. Wolf couple takes care about their offspring together, and stays together for life. Many people chose the wolf tattoo for these very reasons. Multiple wolves in the tattoo or a couple of them are the best pattern to express this meaning. There are also different brilliant styles for your ideas:

  • Realistic
  • Cartoon
  • Gothic
  • National (Native American, Maori, Celtic, etc)
29 Great Wolf Tattoo Designs
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