Wedding Tattoo Designs

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Some people aren’t big fans of jewelry, but love body art, so having “wedding rings” tattooed on is common for marriage tattoos. The design does not have to be a ring at all, it can be whatever symbol or design that you and your spouse decide on, but it should have symbolic meaning at the same time. When you get a wedding ring tattoo, you never have an excuse for losing or not wearing your wedding ring.

Some marriage tattoo ideas include two birds carrying just married signs, dates surrounded by rings or an abstract display of a bride and groom, just as a couple of examples. There are married couples that chose to get larger pieces that match, including wedding dates and their names rather than a ring band tattoo or traditional jewelry. If you choose this route for your marriage tattoo designs, make sure it is something that can easily be altered should the marriage fall apart.

Ask your artist to make names and dates subtle and not thick, heavy black is hard to cover up.

Scroll through these marriage tattoo ideas to get some inspiration. You and your spouse-to-be might decide to get inked instead of exchanging jewelry. It would be a great wedding ceremony to have the tattoos completed in front of your witnesses.

19 Exotic Marriage Tattoo Design Ideas
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