Spider Web Tattoo Designs

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A spider’s web is usually considered as a knot of lies and betrayal, but in ancient Egypt it symbolized fate. Of course the most popular meanings are connected with the ability to catch into the net: both being caught and catching the other person. Spider web tattoo that is inked on the elbow is a popular way for prisoners to show that they’ve been in jail (and even time spent in it, or crime) — not the only meaning, but quite well-known. Spider web tattoos can also represent mystery, intrigue and protection (similar to a dreamcatcher tattoo). These tattoos are also associated with struggles in the web of life: overcoming a drug addiction, getting out of a gang or prison.

Every one of us sometimes goes through hard times. If these hard times came into your life, and you struggle desperately, you should definitely consider the spider web tattoo design.

5 Meaningful Spider Web Tattoos
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