Sister Tattoo Designs

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The bond between sisters is truly special, and more sisters are turning to tattoo artists and symbols as a way to celebrate the bond with their first best friend. Keeping up with global tattoo trends, a lot of hopeful tattoo sister acts are investigating symbols meaning sister as the foundation for their permanent bond.

These sister tattoo designs are perfect as symbols retain a sense of mystery and personal meaning — they are signs that mean the world to the wearer and probably not much to anyone else. Sister tattoo symbols can include anything from puzzle pieces to keys and locks — they are limited only by the creativity of the siblings looking to showcase their bond.

Symbols for sister can be found in most languages, especially pictographs and hieroglyphs. Again, this highlights the fact that tattoos for sisters with meaning can be found almost anywhere, yet retain a sense of privacy, making them more special.

Whether you’re aiming for an intensely-private piece or a more accessible way to celebrate your bond, getting a matching or complimentary tattoo with your sister is sure to bring you together and remind you of your love — even when you end up arguing with each other.

13 Tattoos for Sisters with Meaning
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