Ram Tattoo Designs

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One of the most well-known ram tattoo designs is associated with Aries. The first Zodiac sign has much in common with the ram, symbolizing leadership, authority, determination and action. It is also a symbol of renewal (together with the return of the warmth of the sun in spring), virility and fiery force.

Rum is also a divine symbol of many ancient gods in Egypt, Greece, Rome and Middle East. During different time periods, the ram was Christian symbol: at first — emblem of Christ as protector and guide, but later it becomes a symbol of lusting sinners (as the ram becomes a symbol of male potency and power).

Thus, rum tattoo designs can be divided into two big groups: Aries tattoos and rum tattoos itself. There are plenty of different patterns and ideas — each of them is meaningful for the bearer. Rum tattoo can be made in any style: realistic, cartoon, tribal, colorful or black-and-white. It can be an animal itself, its head or even only its horns. Rum head tattoo can be depicted to fit Aries sign. As a Zodiac symbol, Aries tattoo can be inked as a stand-alone symbol or as a part of Zodiac circle. And of course, you can include other characters in the rum tattoo design — everything that will make your tattoo special and meaningful.

17 Catchy Ram Tattoo Designs
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