Portrait Tattoo Designs

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One of the great tattoo designs you should definitely consider is a portrait. Portrait tattoos are great symbols of admiration and appreciation. Most of them are dedicated to the people we love or celebrities. Portrait tattoos perfectly fit both men and women — this is totally unisex design.

Portrait tattoo designs are not only usually portraits — there is much more variation! For example, you can ink not a single portrait, but make it a pattern of the bigger meaningful picture. If you lost someone, portrait tattoo may be a good way to commemorate them and always feel them close to you. Some people also make portrait tattoos of their children or people they’re in love with.

Usually portrait flashes are made using fine line style — but you can use your imagination to create one of a kind design. It may be photorealistic or caricature, detailed or just shapes — what to choose depends on you and of course on the skill of the tattoo master!

18 Flawless Portrait Tattoo Designs
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