Patriotism Tattoo Designs

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Patriotic tattoos are not reserved only for those serving as first responders, the military, or those that have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Anyone that loves and is proud of their home country can get a patriotic tattoo. It is important to have your interpretation of patriotism designed properly to get the right message across.

Some patriotic tattoo designs include the head of a bald eagle blending into a faded American flag, or a bald eagle watching over a city. To show strength after a national disaster or wartime tragedies, you could use an idea like a darkened representation of a city’s skyline with the flag rising over the horizon in full color.

You can show direct patriotism while supporting a specific group. To show support for first responders and your country, implement their symbols in ghost imagery inside a flag, military vehicle, or other symbol of patriotism.

The patriotic tattoo designs shown here are amazing representations of how creative artists can be with a single idea or single reference. Some of these designs are so realistic that you can feel what the individual wearing the tattoo went through or wants to remember. These messages can make a big impact on others to also show their patriotism through permanent body art.

14 Patriotic Tattoo Designs
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