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All of us know many monkey characters from different cartoons, movies and TV shows. They are also the funniest animals in the world! And of course they look so similar to us... So it’s not surprising that monkey tattoo meanings include luck, energy, intelligence and protection. Monkey tattoos are popular for both men and women. Smaller tattoos are mostly inked on wrist, ankle or neck; the bigger ones — on back, shoulder or chest. There are plenty of monkey tattoo designs, and you’ll definitely love one. Among them are:

  • Chimpanzee tattoo design. They are our closes relatives, sharing with us more than 98% of the genetic information. Chimpanzees definitely are something special for many people, who feel some kind of connection with them.
  • Don’t hear, don’t see, and don’t speak tattoo design. This tattoo is also called sometimes as Three wise monkeys. This concept comes from Confucius’ Code of Conduct. The original phrase was ’Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru’ which means ’don’t hear, don’t see, and don’t speak’, - no monkeys included. But when spoken, the term ’zaru’ sounds similar to ’saru’ (’monkey’) — thus being associated with our closest relatives. Sometimes this design represents Four wise monkeys (adding ’Shizaru’ — the one with its arms crossed; represents ’do no evil’).
  • Tribal monkey tattoo design. This design was influenced by Polynesian, Native American, and Haida cultures. These wonderful designs are very different, representing numerous variations of monkey images in different regions. Tribal monkey tattoo images are joyful and funny, as is animal itself.
  • Monkey belly button (or “Quick, pull my finger!”) tattoo design. This is one of the funniest designs created to decorate belly button. Being an extension of the popular ’Pull my Finger’ prank, it represents your playful mind.
  • Grease monkey tattoo design. This is the great way to show you curiosity to the world — inking the monkey that loves touching, poking, prodding, and smashing objects trying to figure out how everything works.
  • Evil monkey tattoo design. Comes from TV series Family Guy. Though it doesn’t have a special meaning (except that for funs), no doubt it looks cool.
  • Monkey skull tattoo design. This pattern depicts a monkey staring at a skull — really great reminder of our mortality.
  • Baby monkey tattoo design. It represents Innocence and Childhood — like any other animal cube tattoo does. In this case — playful and curious childhood.
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