Meaningful Tattoo Designs

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Simple, meaningful tattoos have always been popular and are becoming the first choice for people who are just getting into tattoos because they are more special and generally a little smaller — so they hurt a little less. Having said that, dynamite often comes in small packages and some of the greatest tattoo designs are rooted in simple artistic expressions of an important message.

Meaningful tattoos for women are all about femininity and self-expression. They can range from seductive and cute to almost arbitrary and subtle — a cheeky paw print or a simple line can mean the world to their owner. They often celebrate friendship, love or landmark achievements such as the birth of a child. Women also opt for emotionally expressive memorial pieces to celebrate those who have fallen, making the artwork all the more powerful.

Meaningful tattoos for guys tend to be larger declarations of achievement or important memories that take a traditional form with more masculine placements, such as ribs, biceps or shoulders, but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to getting ink — just do it for yourself, because as long as your piece means something to you it will also make you happy.

188 Simple Meaningful Tattoos for Women and Guys
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