Frog Tattoo Designs

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Though frog tattoo design is not among the most popular, diversity of designs and meanings makes it unusual and attractive. In the ancient times, frog was one of the earth symbols and was also believed to have magical powers — due to its close ties with the water. Because frogs are also associated with the rain, in Celtic culture they were also connected to purification. Frog tattoos are also believed to bring good luck and fortune. Frog tattoo is associated with a love for nature, may symbolize different life stages or even be a symbol of fertility.

Frog tattoo designs may be represented in different colors and styles: cartoon, realistic, tribal... Or it may also include other meaningful patterns.

As for the most popular designs, they are tribal frog tattoo (it has special spiritual significance), peace frog tattoo (includes elements associated with tranquility) and Celtic frog tattoo (symbolize restoration and healing).

31 Funny Frog Tattoo Designs and Images
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