Freedom Tattoo Designs

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A trend in tattoos that mean freedom is a feather that morphs into birds flying away. It means that you have been set free from something that has held you captive for a period of time. Simple text of the power word freedom with the “m” breaking off into a bird flying away represents that you have been set free.

Birds and themes of bird-related items, like birdcages opening are ideal options for tattoos that mean freedom. Birds are more common among women than men are. Men may opt to choose an option like a plane or motorcycle, showing movement away from something. It is a more masculine way to represent freedom.

Men can also represent freedom with a flying bald eagle. Eagles represent power and strength. Showing them in motion displays freedom interpretively. Take this design idea a step further and have the bald eagle flying away with a flag, and it shows cultural freedom and patriotic freedom.

These creative tattoos that mean freedom displayed here are to give you ideas from what others have chosen to have tattooed on them. You will see how artists are able to take a single idea and listen to a few details about a client to create a design that represents them and their message in one amazing drawing.

78 Tattoo Symbols that Mean Freedom
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