Dotwork Tattoo Designs

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Dotwork as a tattoo style appeared and became popular in 1990th. What is the most characteristic feature of this style? You’ll never mull dotwork with any other style because of the technique used for tattooing. Dotwork tattoos are made using dots — they create the whole one piece image.

The main features of the dotwork designs are dots — playing with their density and colors you can create breathtaking designs! For light parts tattoo master decrease density of dots, but for the darker ones he increases it. But as you can imagine, this work requires a lot of time and skill to make the unconnected dots look like the one-piece flash.

As for the designs, not only little and simple tattoos can be made using dotwork technique, but also large complicated designs. Dotwork tattoo style is used mostly for ornamental and ethnic designs, but it also can be used to create complex flashes like portraits. Moreover, nowadays dotwork is usually combined with other techniques, for example, with blackwork — and tattoos made in different styles look much more impressive.

Also, there is the other new trend in dotwork — colorful dots or stripes that make the tattoo brighter or underlines the most important parts of it.

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